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November 10, 2011


TOTAL RAISED: $7,304.00!

On November 9th, hundreds of charities in the Washington region came together for 24 hours of giving. The goal was to get thousands of people to donate to their favorite charity through, raising millions of dollars.

Food & Friends was excited and proud to participate in this special day and is so grateful that 82 individuals made gifts to support our clients battling HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-challenging illnesses. At the end of 24 hours, $1,886,584 had been donated to 1,285 different nonprofits. With your help, Food & Friends landed in 49th place!!

THANK YOU to everyone who helped to promote Give to the Max Day and BIG THANKS to all who donated:
  • Edward J. Kelty
  • Janne M. Harrelson
  • Julian B Orenstein
  • Liora Moriel
  • Vivian Thurman
  • Alice Speck
  • Sara Gibbs
  • Claude M. Sitton
  • Meta Sienkiewicz
  • Jacqueline Ratner
  • Elizabeth Hinman
  • Wendy Maynard
  • Robert Kain
  • Carla Manuel
  • Delores L. Parron
  • Michael Berenson
  • Christine Grady
  • Katherine L. Berry
  • Linda A. Sweet
  • Mary Hillebrand
  • Bella Rosner
  • Mary D. Ott
  • Kenneth Nice
  • Deborah Chambers
  • Suzanne Gentes
  • Ann DeLorenzo
  • Jacqueline B. Woody
  • Patricia President
  • Wade R. Sharp
  • David W. Hacker
  • Susan Cole
  • Darlene Lawrence
  • Nancie R. Kennedy
  • Rebecca L. Nathan
  • Hilary Kline
  • Allison Gilbert
  • Bridgette Lunsford
  • Mary Beth Hess
  • Charles Cerf
  • Doris Chew
  • Nancy H. Marlow
  • Naydja M Bell
  • Alison Bialecki
  • Jane B. Rice
  • Rita S. Schoeny
  • Susan Adland
  • Lori S. Frison
  • Allyson A. Booth
  • Mary Wheeler
  • Kay Travis
  • David T Fox
  • Simon G. Smith
  • Angela Struebing
  • Gail L. Stettler
  • Laurette Cucuzza
  • Jill Shohet
  • Henry D. Levine
  • Tracey L. Robinson
  • Geoffrey B. Lamb
  • Lesley M. Grimes
  • Barbara A. Power
  • Adele J. Gabrielli
  • Sarah C. Matheny
  • J.D. Grom
  • Susan B. Finlay
  • Mary Ingalls Woodell
  • Charlotte M. Bahin
  • Julia Robinson
  • Patricia Spaulding
  • Julia Baer
  • Bryan W. Dalton
Continue to follow us on Twitter and Facebook  – as we share stories of how these funds were put to great use throughout the area.

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