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November 22, 2012

Your generosity brightened the holiday for thousands of our neighbors.

Staff member, Jane Yamaykin, was answering the phones this morning (Thanksgiving Day) and had a moving conversation with one of our clients.

From Jane:

A client called and left a message saying he had not received his usual produce and frozen meals with his delivery yesterday. I forwarded the message to Client Services who said they would follow up. A few hours later, the client called again and reached me directly. I promised that Client Services would be following up with him, but he said he was calling for another reason.

He told me that he knew he'd be getting a delivery today but did not know what to expect. I explained he would be receiving a full Thanksgiving meal, and he seemed completely relieved.

As it turns out, he had called out of worry that in not having received his produce, he would be unable to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for his children who will be coming to visit tonight. 

His children do not know he is sick, and he desperately wanted to have a meal ready for them but doesn't have the ability to leave his home.

To the hundreds of volunteers who shared their Thanksgiving with us, thank you, thank you. Your generosity brightened the holiday for thousands of our neighbors. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  2. One of our meals was delivered to a woman who was very thankful to see us. She told us that had it not been for us and Food & Friends, she would only have a PBnJ sandwich to eat for Thanksgiving. That just broke my heart and made me even more glad that I could help today.