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October 31, 2012

You Couldn’t Be Stopped by a Hurricane

Food & Friends has weathered many storms over 24 years. Blizzards, hurricanes, we’ve seen it all. This week we continued the proud tradition of caring for our clients despite dramatically challenging conditions.

On Monday, we delivered more than 6,000 complete meals, double the usual delivery, covering more than 5,300 square miles of Greater Washington.

I would like to thank our volunteers. More than 100 volunteers responded to our urgent request for delivery drivers. These great people especially are the heart of Food & Friends. Time and time again, we say, “We couldn't do this without our volunteers.” Absolute proof of this was demonstrated this week as volunteers, experienced and brand new, set aside personal considerations to care for their neighbors. That is quite a message of compassion.

On Sunday evening, we activated an emergency plan designed in advance of the storm to ensure that both Monday and Tuesday’s food was delivered by 2:30pm on Monday. Whatever our usual work, everyone became a member of the kitchen or delivery team. Consequently, we were able to keep volunteers and staff at home on Tuesday with no loss of service to our clients. I might add that we were also prepared to deal with an extended power loss had this occurred.

Today, we've returned to normal operations and will provide more than 3,000 meals to our clients. Just another day at the office.

But here’s the thing. This isn't the last bad weather that we’ll see this year or in early 2013. We’ll need you again during extreme weather as well as every day. I know that you’ll be there and I thank you in advance for answering our call.

With sincere appreciation,

Craig Shniderman
Executive Director

Craig Shniderman has led Food & Friends as the Executive Director since April 1995. He is a native of the Washington area and has lived and worked in Greater Washington for almost his entire career.

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