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June 26, 2012

A Message from Chef's Best Presenting Sponsor NACDS Foundation

June 26, 2012

Dear Friends,

Did you decide to engage in tonight's amazing event based on a thought, or based on a feeling? Powerful thoughts and feelings alike led the NACDS Foundation to engage as the Presenting Sponsor of Food & Friends' 22nd Annual Chef's Best Dinner & Auction.

  • Rationally, supporting this event makes tremendous sense because Food & Friends' tremendous work relates directly to the NACDS Foundation's vision to improve the health and wellness of the people in America.
  • Emotionally, can there be a more powerful and personal moment than when a Food & Friends volunteer delivers a lovingly prepared meal and a human connection – just when a patient needs it most?
Whatever your reason for partnering with Food and Friends and for empowering this extraordinary organization, thank you for contributing so mightily to the success of Chef’s Best. It is great to know that 80% of revenue from this night goes directly to providing more than 1.2 million specialized meals to Food & Friends’ nearly 2,900 patients. That means your support is going a long way to improving lives.

For many, a meal from Food & Friends is a source of hope, dignity and courage – as much as a source of enjoyment and nutrition. It also can convey a strong message to a patient that so many people care about them, and will never turn their backs on them. It always is amazing to hear about those patients who look at the assistance that Food & Friends provides as way to meet a basic need so that they can have a little bit more energy to turn around and help others themselves.

That is one of the beautiful things about Food & Friends: many people and organizations support Food & Friends for very different and highly personal reasons, and the patients assisted by Food & Friends benefit in ways that are unique to them, based on the sense of what each person cherishes and holds dear. Yet everyone associated with Food & Friends is bonded by the common pursuit of improving lives and elevating the human condition.

Whatever you think and feel about Food & Friends, let’s celebrate it tonight – and when we leave, let’s commit to tell others about it as well!

 Steven C. Anderson, IOM, CAE                                                                             Kathleen Jaeger                                       
 NACDS Foundation Chairman                                                                                NACDS Foundation President                     

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