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October 28, 2015

WATCH: Handmade Pies Baked Just for You!

The world has tried to simplify baking. You can buy a roll of cookie dough, make brownies and cakes from a box, and pies can be whipped up by dumping canned filling into pre-made crust.
These shortcuts are never used at Baguette Republic, an artisan-bakery located in Sterling, Virginia. We are fortunate and excited to have Baguette Republic baking their homemade pies for our Slice of Life pie sale again this Thanksgiving.

Made from the Best

Master Baker and President of Baguette Republic Dahmane Bernarbane is originally from Algeria. He bakes using European techniques and traditions. “We try to do everything the old fashioned way, using the best ingredients.” Bernarbane says.

All five of the pies available this year begin with a crust the bakers make from scratch, prepared by skilled workers, not just machines. Each crust is rolled out, cut and pressed in a pan by hand and the fillings are made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Despite the volume of products the bakery makes daily, each creation is made with care and attention to detail.

“There are no preservatives ... no cans. It’s like a pie made by your grandma seventy years ago.” Bernarbane promises.

Be Part of the Cause

Buying one delicious pie can make a huge difference. The purchase of just one pie through Slice of Life is enough to deliver one full day of meals to a Food & Friends client and help to provide a Thanksgiving meal for five. You can be sure that any pie you order through Slice of Life will reflect the love and care put into making it.

“It’s an honor and a pleasure for us to be part of this big Food & Friends adventure by serving the best goods to the Washington DC community. I’m sure you’re going to like it,” Bernarbane says, “because I like it myself.”

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