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April 8, 2015

Gifts from the Heart: Spirit of Giving Inspires Supporters Linda and David Purcell

“I’ll never forget them. I still drive by their houses and say, ‘There is Leroy’s house and that is Mila’s.’ You don’t forget people like that.”

This memory of delivering meals is part of what drives volunteers and donors, Linda and David Purcell.

Linda and David were first introduced to Food & Friends in 1996 when they were at brunch with some friends and saw hundreds of bikes passing. They later learned the bikers were riding as part of the first DC to Philly AIDSRide. Inspired by their commitment, for the next three years Linda volunteered for the AIDSRide while David rode in two of them.

Like so many others, Linda and David have been personally affected by HIV and AIDS. They had a friend who passed away from AIDS and they currently know people who are battling the disease. Their involvement with Food & Friends stems from their appreciation for the services we provide and their understanding of how necessary they are.

“Cancer and AIDS are very powerful diseases. Just getting something to eat is important. People really need this service and it really makes a difference in their lives.”

After volunteering with the AIDSRides, Linda felt compelled to continue her involvement with Food & Friends. She started delivering meals and, in 2006, both Linda and David started volunteering every Thursday in the kitchen. They’ve been regulars ever since.

The satisfaction of knowing she is helping someone is what makes the volunteering so worth it for Linda. Additionally, she feels it is a challenging yet life-enriching experience.

“After I volunteer, I’m tired as heck, but you feel like you’ve had fun, that you were appreciated and you’re surrounded by people who enjoy what they are doing,” says Linda. “You feel inspired. You always know what you are doing it for."

David and Linda Purcell have been supporting Food & Friends since 1996.
Linda and David recognize the link between food, nutrition and health. In fact, their interest to support grew as their involvement grew, and now we are proud to call them volunteers and donors.

Linda says she likes supporting Food & Friends because she knows we are a good steward of their funds and that her contribution will be put to good use.

“You want the money to go to the right place. We don’t give to any organization that does not have at least a three star rating with Charity Navigator,” says Linda. “We’ve been impressed with Food & Friends since we first got involved. It’s a great place to donate because it’s going to go far and it’s just managed so well.”

Linda points out that illness will always exist and so will the need for the unique services Food & Friends provides. To ensure Food & Friends will be a vital community resource in the future, they joined our Legacy Society and have included Food & Friends in their will.

“Financial support will always be needed. Food & Friends is an organization that keeps getting better and better. Food & Friends is a timeless and sustainable organization to support. It’s great to be part of that.”

Linda and David’s passion, commitment and friendship exemplify the spirit of Food & Friends. We cannot thank them enough for the impact they've made on thousands of our neighbors facing critical illnesses.

What motivates you? What can you do to make a difference? Donate to Food & Friends.

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