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November 13, 2014

It's More Than Pie - It's Helping a Mother Support Her Family

Your support of Slice of Life will make a tremendous impact on our clients. Naomi Ryan is one of them.

For Naomi, undergoing treatment for breast cancer meant frequent trips to the hospital. Naomi’s radiation therapy was five times a week, for two hours a day, and left Naomi feeling weak and tired when she got home. Preparing meals was the last thing on her mind.

When good nutrition was becoming increasingly important, Naomi struggled to find the time or energy to prepare meals for herself or for her son.

“Right after surgery, I would come home and be exhausted,” says Naomi. "All I wanted to do was sleep - I didn't have the energy to cook."

Food & Friends is helping Naomi and her family by delivering meals 3 times a week, supplying them with the nutrition Naomi needs to help her stay healthy. Lifting that burden allows Naomi to focus on her treatment and stay healthy. 

Naomi’s 10-year-old son, a Type-1 diabetic, also benefits from Food & Friends services.

“For him it is important to eat, and watch what he eats,” Naomi says. “The things Food & Friends brings are good for him.”

Oranges and apples Food & Friends delivers provide daily nutrition to mother and son at a time when a healthy diet is important in their lives. Before going to school, Naomi’s son loves to eat the eggs and turkey sausage that Food & Friends brings them. He uses the milk to have cereal in the morning too.

"[Before Food & Friends], sometimes there wasn't enough food,” says Naomi. “When Food & Friends comes, we're like 'Thank god we have meals.'"

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