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August 4, 2014

Better Serving Our Clients Through Technology

Our client database is integral to the work we do. It would be impossible to prepare and deliver more than 3,500 meals each day without it.

With a new client database, we will work smarter, faster
and achieve greater health outcomes for our clients.
Our current system, MealService, was developed in 2003 when we were serving far fewer clients and had less need for data. However, as our services have become more complex and as our client population continues to grow, we have made it a priority to upgrade our system.

Thanks to generous gifts from the Effi Barry HIV/AIDS Capacity Building Program and the World Bank Community Connections Fund, we are currently transitioning from MealService to a new, more advanced software, ClientTrack.

This new software will enhance our ability to execute our current programming, better evaluate the health outcomes of our clients and increase our capacity to serve more of our neighbors. Specifically, ClientTrack will reduce the time needed to start clients on service by streamlining our intake process, track and quantify outcomes of client health goals and analyze trends, conduct more sophisticated tracking of clients’ health status, communicate directly with each clients’ healthcare providers and ensure on-time meal delivery by integrating an online mapping service.

A high-functioning client database provides an opportunity to improve our clients’ lives—from better understanding and meeting their nutritional needs to better mapping systems for delivery staff and volunteers who bring clients their much needed sustenance. And as a result, we will work smarter, faster and achieve greater health outcomes for our clients.

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