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February 3, 2014

You Make the Words "Dinner is Ready" a Reality for Our Clients

It was like clockwork. Every day after Mikaelle and Sir finished their homework, they would anxiously wait for their mom, Crystal, to fill their plates with a delicious meal. On days that they had mom’s pizza or spaghetti, the words “dinner is ready” never sounded so good.

Food & Friends home delivers meals to breast cancer client, Crystal,
and her two children, Mikaelle and Sir.
This dinner routine changed drastically in April 2013 after Crystal was diagnosed with breast cancer. Crystal, who loves to cook and considers herself “a foodie”, was now undergoing harsh radiation. Her daily routine included traveling to receive treatment in the morning which often made her too fatigued to make dinner. Crystal feared that while she underwent treatment, she would not be able to feed her children – or herself. It’s a horrific thought and any parent’s worst nightmare.

“I would sacrifice and do whatever it takes to provide for my kids,” says Crystal.

Food & Friends made sure this wasn’t the case. Despite her health challenges, Crystal has managed to put food on the table, just with a little help. Although her treatment leaves her tired and weak, she is able to heat up a quick meal delivered by Food & Friends that gives her family a hearty dinner keeping them full and healthy.

“The dinners are great and nutritious,” says Crystal. “It’s convenient and easy for me, especially dinner. I just microwave the meals if I want my kids to have a cooked meal.”

In the few months that Crystal has been on service, she has been impressed with the service and extremely grateful for the volunteers that prepare and deliver the food. With this little bit of help, you allow Crystal to focus on her fight against breast cancer.

Although she doesn’t make spaghetti and pizza as often, Crystal is confident that her family is taken care of. Thanks to you, the phrase “dinner is ready” is still just as exciting for Mikaelle and Sir as it used to be.

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