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December 23, 2013

How much food can you buy with $4?

"I go to a lot of doctors…”

…says Food & Friends client Tricia Hope Ripley.
Since a serious motorcycle accident in 1971, Tricia has had more than 100 surgeries. In 2011, her doctor recommended Food & Friends as a leg amputation, liver problems, and pain from her surgeries made it hard for Tricia to get to the grocery store for the nutrition she needed.

But it’s the sense of community Food & Friends has given to Tricia that makes the biggest difference in her life. She considers Food & Friends part of her extended family - we provide the support system and sense of hope that keeps her moving.

“Now I have much more of a life to look forward to...”

Before Food & Friends, her food stamps had been cut down to $4 a month – too little for Tricia to buy healthy food. Her blood sugar was hard to control, and she was often hungry and bedridden. The nutritious meals Food & Friends provides keep her blood sugar steady, prevent her from going hungry, and help her be more active.

Today, Tricia is working on a book about her journey, and planning other positive changes for her life. Watch our video profile of Tricia and learn more about her

We’re proud to bring hope to Tricia and clients like her as we have done since 1988. Please join us in Making Hope Happen so we can continue to deliver nutritious meals and smiling faces to neighbors in need for another 25 years.

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  1. WOW. I am excited. It looks one of my dreams. It is amazying. I would like to work there. Congratulations. I would like to visit. Hope on Monday I can do that.