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May 2, 2012

A Step in the Right Direction: Food & Friends Supports Those Fighting Breast Cancer

When I think of our commitment to clients living with breast cancer, I first think of our beginning as an AIDS service organization. Food & Friends was founded twenty-four years ago as a response to the needs of men and women battling AIDS. Too often, they were alone. Too often, their needs were unmet. Too often, the community looked away. We began with AIDS. Twelve years ago, we served our first clients living with breast cancer and ten years ago, we participated in our first Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Food & Friends staff member, Pam Giller, and
Executive Director, Craig Shniderman accept
gift from Avon Foundation during 2012 Walk.
The Avon Foundation has been a dedicated supporter of Food & Friends. In 2001, they made it possible for us to create the Pink Ribbon Delivery Program. This year, thanks to their generosity, Food & Friends will deliver 178,000 specialized meals to nearly 500 women living with breast cancer and their loved ones.

Everyone has a personal reason for participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. It may be a sister, mother, brother or even yourself. This Saturday, I’ll do my tenth walk in support of our work supporting the nutritional needs of survivors and future survivors. When we are all out walking together, we are walking toward the same goal. Those affected by this disease are not alone because Food & Friends will never look away and we will never neglect to serve these men and women and those who care about them. It is our legacy and our future all wrapped together.

Ivanna Beat Breast Cancer
(aka. Craig Shniderman) cheering on
Avon Walkers
We are very proud to be a beneficiary of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and we look forward to greeting the walkers along the route. Food & Friends staff and volunteers will be handing out stickers and our famous chocolate chip cookies on Saturday and Sunday,and our kitchen will be providing an incredible lunch on Sunday afternoon.

I will be attending the walk on Saturday as my alter-ego, Miss Ivanna Beat Breast Cancer. The picture should be enough of an explanation. Be sure to come say hi!

See you on the road!!

Craig Shniderman
Executive Director

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